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Hi, I’m Laura. 👋🏻 I am a witch.

Or shall I say Enchantress. I seek to alchemize my identities as a witch, artist, and humorist to create…comedy gold…or at least bronze or some aura quartz.

Legend has it, I was born on a Monday at the end of October and went home from the hospital on Halloween, dressed as a little baby pumpkin. To those who say everyday is Halloween, then, by logic, every day is my birthday.

Scorpio Pumpkin

Being a witch can be serious, but there’s a much lighter side of it all, too. To some people, I may seem shy, distant, hard to crack open, even *gasp* mysterious. Others say I have a calming presence. That’s always surprising because internally, I am screaming! If you really take the effort to get to know me though, you might find yourself laughing. And if YOU happen to get me laughing hard enough, you may experience something akin to this:

99.5% of people who say ROFL are not actually rolling on the floor. I can proudly say that I have done this in IRL.

Hot tip #1: Never come at me with your comedic genius when I have water or food in my mouth.

How this blog came to be

During the stay at home order for Covid 19, I wrote some stories that I wanted use for stand up comedy. Since it was impossible to perform in front of an audience, my act was recorded into an awkward Youtube video. Everyone who watched it already knew, but my official witch status was revealed in it. I lacked confidence in my performance. Maybe it would have been easier if I could have heard people laughing. Recording yourself on the computer alone in your childhood bedroom with dated pink wallpaper is no laughing matter.

It’s me! With the painted witch face I did for myself while looking in a mirror.

By some odd twist of fate, almost immediately after I made the video, my former professor, Kris, at the Institute for Humane Education who teaches creative writing classes online, posted a class about humorist writing on her website. I told Kris, “dang! that sounds amazing!” It turned out it was actually being taught by my fellow alum Jules, who’s been helping me sort through and collect SO MANY funny stories I have for the last two weeks. That is no hyperbole. I have a google doc that’s six pages long with over 30 ideas listed that I culminated in about two days.

I can’t wait to share these stories with you!

What’s the brouhaha(ha)?

Eating Brownie batter, laughing in my mom’s face

I love writing. I love magical beings🦄💜🧜🏻‍♀️ (in fact I not only wrote about unicorns for my master’s thesis, but I CREATED a unicorn. Their name was Justice).

I myself am a magickal being, despite what my sometimes depressed mind says. Currently I’m more on the manic side, and thinking you’re extra funny is supposedly a symptom. 😲

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the way certain words sound. Examples include: frothy, decrease, and brouhaha (hmm, I bet you see where this is going now!) I remember the first time I heard the word brouhaha fondly. It was said on the nightly news. I laughed and kept saying it, over and over.

As a kid, I made my own potions out in nature, also known as the backyard. I gathered leaves, twigs, flowers, dirt, and then mixed them with water. I also somehow occasionally found quartz crystals in my yard. I threw those in there too, not even knowing how witchy that truly was. I named one of my potions decrease. I was hearing that word a lot, and I liked the sound of it. Didn’t really know what it meant, but I would put it in the back of my Fisher Price buggy and try to get imaginary people to buy it. “Decrease! Decrease! Get your daily Decrease!”

So, Magick + Brouhaha+ha. Magick is the traditional spelling of Wiccan magic. And I often have to remind people that my last name is spelled with a K, not a C. Brouhaha means an uproar. The goal of this website is to cause uproarious laughter, duh! I don’t think I need to spell out the play on words, here. But you may not know that Bruja is the Spanish word for witch. The word brouhaha quite possibly also meant, historically, “blessed be who enters!” Which I did not know this until I looked the word up while writing this bit! My magick works in mysterious ways.

Cheesy gif that…sparkles (you’ll hear and see my fascination with glitter a lot here)

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