I bet you thought this was Part 2 of my ancestor angels saga!

Well, you thought wrong! *buzzer buzzing*

Today is the first inaugural Illustrated Terrible Tarot reading!

A friend of mine (from way back when) volunteered to be my first illustrated tarot card reading guinea pig (or should I say gerbil, because I had a weird dream about teeny tiny gerbils running around everywhere). 

She chose the pseudonym Tawanda, so I will refer to her as that name.

Tawanda’s question was: 

“What should I do to ensure my family will be ok during the covid 19 shutdown?”

Tawanda was very lucky, because this was only supposed to be a one card reading. But two jumped out at me at once! I couldn’t just ignore their pleas for attention to be read together.

Tawanda’s cards were the 9 of Cups and the Judgement card in reverse.

Tawanda had no idea what that meant. So, I told her. 

The nine of cups is all about making yourself happy and indulging (yes those are NINE wine glasses!)  behind a proud looking guy who is manspreading on a little bench as he thinks about all the wine he will be drinking soon. 

His indulgent mindset is soothing him, and it can for you too when it’s right.  However, moderation is going to be key right now so you can make sure your family is okay during these terrible times.

The judgement card affirms the need for moderation. This card is from the major arcana which makes it a little more powerful of an archetype than the minor arcana (the 9 of cups is part of the minor arcana). Your judgement card was in reverse when I picked it up, so it has a somewhat different meaning than if it was upright. 

It’s showing me that you and your family will rise up against your challenges. In order to achieve this though, you need to focus on the basics and decide to keep things simple.

These cards jumped out together the way they did for a reason. Together, they show me a message that would be different if you only got one or the other. We all know you work so hard as a mom and as an employee and caring for others is what you do. It is fun to indulge and treat yourself, and you deserve the pleasure and self-soothing luxuries! It’s just not the right time for too much of that indulgence.  Soon you’ll need to stick more to just the essentials because we’re still in for a rough ride ahead.

I chose to illustrate the 9 of cups since the Judgment card was reversed so I’ll save it for when it is upright. So here it is in all its glory:

Nine of Cups drawing by Laura

Thank you Tawanda, for allowing me to do a reading for you!

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