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Special thanks to Salem Saberhagen (of Sabrina the Teenage Witch fame) for being my Emcee here.

As a witch, I wholeheartedly believe there is an appropriate Salem the Cat GIF for every occasion.


Other Stuff I do (or let’s face it, have done):

My original blog, Banana Curl, Vegan Girl A cooking blog that I don’t update anymore, but use the recipes from regularly. Highlight: my ugly but hilarious unicorn cake that became slightly internet famous.

A cool place I work- RHD-RI

My new Etsy Shop

My Patreon. Help support me in my dream of becoming a full time writing and art witch! You get perks!

Improv Comedy at PIG- (a showcase from my level 1 class in 2016

Magick Brouhahaha’s Facebook Account

My twitter account

Buy my art on expensive clothes and accessories courtesy of Shopvida

Highlight reel (from my blog):

Stay Tuned until I post more posts to the blog.

Other bloggers:

A fellow alumni of my grad school’s website- VegfulLife

The Fat Feminist Witch

Jess Carlson


Instagram Accounts to Follow Instantly:

Cafe Coven RI – A witchy discussion group that meets in cafes in the state of RI

Full Time Witch-Social Justice Witchcraft

Blue Cypress Botanicals-Maker of beautiful magickal brooms

ThirdEyeOfPvd- My friend Christine gives great spiritual insight

Make Good Choices- Maker of magical ceramics and the human embodiment of glitter

_.good_witch._ local (RI) magical herbalist and birth worker

Gemica.Rosenberg- intriguing artist who makes collages too

Crucifix_VI -who is responsible for creating this amazing witchy portrait of me

Portrait of Laura by crucifix_vi

More Books to Hoard:

Haus Witch by Erica Feldman- Interior design tips, basic spells and witch 101, plus a lot of great information about designing your home with intention and protection

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert-the magic of creativity, ideas, and writing

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho-Fiction but has a great spiritual message, I give it to people as gifts

Most Good, Least Harm by Zoe Weil- If you are looking for a way to plan out how to live your life ethically with no regrets when you die, this book is for you.

I will have more when I finally catch up on all the books I’ve “collected” to read when I had “time”

My stack of unread spiritual books is almost as tall as me! 😔

How to make your cauldron bubble (aka resources for baby witches):

Chani Nicholas (my go to for all things Astrology)

Starhawk, a fellow Jewitch and eco-feminist witch, offers awesome virtual rituals and resources that offer sliding scale payments

Biddy Tarot-I always trust them for tarot interpretation advice

Astrolabe-If you don’t know your astrological rising sign, moon sign, or have never seen your natal chart, this site will get you all this information for free as long as you know the exact time you were born (down to the hour and minutes, yes, and it does matter!)

More coming soon…

The musical stylings of Nosferatu (put them on your spell work playlist):

Malportado Kids- (originally from my home state of RI) has a song I referenced in my “About” page called Bruja Cosmica.

House Red- My friend Reba had a really cool looping vocal project that has incredible witchy vibes

Siouxsie and the Banshees-enough said

The Cure-no real explanation needed

Bjork-but especially the Sugarcubes– but even more so, her band before the Sugarcubes that no one really knows about-Kukl-check her out dancing while pregnant!

Lilliput-a definite old school hipster band that was compared my Ladies Rock Camp band’s sound- I found that to be a compliment

Theme from Suspiria- I am too scared to watch this movie, but I do love this creepy song from it

Artsy Farts:

Chad Kaplan Art and Animation-My brother is a better artist than I am

Outsider Art Collective- An accessible art gallery and studio for all artists, started by my friends

Non-Profits to align your heart chakra:

RIOT RI (formerly Girls Rock! RI)-I have volunteered, fed many people at camps, sang in public (my biggest fear), attempted to learn drums (the scariest instrument), and wrote a ukulele song about third eyes, eyebrows, and Frida Kahlo

The Whale Guitar-my friend Jen’s awesome project to save the whales through music and art

Not really a non profit, but is in my mind-Yoga With Adriene, the best, funniest free online yoga instructor. I feel that quality yoga should be free and accessible to all. Unfortunately it often is not

Give them your money:

Goddess Provisions: An awesome vegan friendly spiritual subscription box

Providence’s Best Witch Shop, October. Where I go when I want to feel like it’s my birthday

HausWitch- Feminist Witch and Home shop in Salem MA

Considerate Cat Tarot- Indie illustrated cat tarot that supports cats in shelters

Self Care Station-The best t-shirts and other self care/mental health promoting items

Nature’s the Rock Shop-Awesome helpful and kind people, HUGE selection of crystals for fair prices: also walking distance to a beach I wore a wonder woman bathing suit to!

Lucid Solutions-Ryan’s IT business-He saved me from freaking out when I had to use CSS on this site

Modern Millie Shop, Salem MA- If I had a fancy professional job with an infinite salary coming in, their clothing would be my entire wardrobe. Plus size friendly, too!

LastCraft- Makers of one of my favorite tarot decks: The New Wave Tarot. Purveyors of fine altar candles and so much more.

People who you could die laughing at:

Jim Gaffigan’s Hot Pockets bit- is my go to anti-depressant.

Hyperbole and a Half-pure genius comics about real life crap

I haven’t died laughing (yet), so sorry.

Youtube Geniuses:

The Crystal Collector-This guy describes himself as an amethyst HUNTER. He’s easily excitable, but like, wouldn’t you be too if you were digging up amazing gemstones in the dirt?

Food Party may be the weirdest concept ever, but I love it and it is beautiful

He is the Antipope-Yeah, don’t ask, I just find it funny

Other Witches and Wizards:

My favorite intuitive, empathic, medium, animal communicator/healer, AR Healing.

My Coven of Supporters:

I’d never be where I am today educationally if it wasn’t for College Unbound

The Institute for Humane Education- (Where I got my master’s degree)

My IHE professor Kris’ creative writing classes

Jules- my humor writing coach

PIG Improv Classes in Providence, RI

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